Monday, December 21, 2009

Rudy and the Christmas wish

Have you Americans ever heard of Pantomime? It's an essential part of Christmas back home. Going to the panto. Screaming at the stage, having sweeties thrown at you and staying up past your bedtime watching some guy dress up as Cinderella. It's a whole lot of fun.

So when planning ikaya for this week, Kaya and I were brainstorming and figured we'd do a panto sketch scene. But then Kaya had this elaborate idea for a story so we went with it. I wrote the script that day, spent the next day making costumes and props. And then we filmed it that night. Uncle Doug spent the entire Sunday working on post production, mostly because the audio was so bad you couldn't tell what was going on. No one had time to learn their scripts (yet Doug did an incredible job at learning his on the fly!) so we had a lot of faces in the papers and kids screaming in the background. He did an awesome job at it and I hope he doesn't resent us too much.

Speaking of resenting us....Rene very much does for his part in the panto. Just watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

One of the things I feel we miss out on by homeschooling is the performance opportunities. It can be such a self esteem boost to battle your nerves and stand up on stage doing your darndest and get a round of applause from the raving audience. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy doing ikaya with the girls. It really fills a gap and gives them the chance to feel like super stars.

So I really appreciate everyone who watches these and enjoys them and gives Kaya and lovely comment afterwards. I wish you could see how she beams. And I very much value and appreciate all the hard work my brother puts in to making these little video clips come alive and look good. And of course, I appreciate my husband who lets us humiliate him and rob him of all pride and dignity. He just plays that role so well...

So thank you for this oscar, I never expected......oops got a tad carried away there.

On with the show. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin.





Laura - Ex. Dir. said...

Oh My! I have missed pantomimes! Thank you Kaya for this! And Uncle Doug!

Kathie said...

Hilarious! The acting was superb, the writing was fab, and the editing was award-worthy!

Merry Christmas to your family--this was great. We Americans are totally missing out by not having pantomimes.

Kinsleys4 said...

What a riot! I'm just now getting to watch this (with 2 little girls on my lap, Madison asking to watch another one & Avery clapping with the audience, hehe). All I can say about that police chick is - that's just messed up. ;-)