Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Lana likes washing her own hair these days, all by herself. So when she goes for a bath, she asks us for the "shampoo and air conditioning". (hair conditioner...it does sound similar)

Zoe was coming up from the basement and found herself locked behind the stair gate. I heard her shake it and speak to it in her best He-Man-esqu voice, "You can't contain me!!!"

Zoe is getting so excited for Christmas this year. She understands it all so much better and is all hyped up. She was pointing out a rudolf picture to Lana, "Wook Nana, it's your favowite, Woofdoll. It's your Woofdoll, Nana!!"

This last one is rather disturbing....
I heard Zoe playing with a coke can with a picture of Santa on it.
She was making a growly voice for Santa, who said, "I hate you"
Then a high pitched baby voice responded, "oh pwease Santa, give me another chance"
"ok then. One other chance. Roar. But you can not go in my house. Ever. Again"
"Huh? But I need to go in your house"
"roar. Ok you can go in my house. Mwhahahaha"

Um....therapy needed much?

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