Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silly songs for kids

I have a tradition of making up a silly song for every kid during their babyhood. Peach had a couple of simple ones.

"Heather is lovelier than a feather"

And, "I'm gonna choose some clothes for my Heather to wear, for my Heather to wear, I'm gonna choose some clothes."

Kaya's was a bit of a rip off of another song...
"In the Kaya, the mighty Kaya, the Kaya sleeps tonight"

Lana's was to the tune of the don't cry Daniel song from veggietales.
It went like this:
"Don't cry Lana
Fear not Lana
Don't you know your milk is here?
For there is milk from your Mummy
It is very yummy
You can put it in your tummy
Milk is good for you
It will help you poo"

Zoe's was:
"She's a bambino, bambino, bambino
Bambino cappuccino, cappuccino, cappuccino
Her name is Zoe is Zoe, is Zoe
I really love her soo-eee her sooo-eee her sooo-eeee"

My brother kept pointing out that bambino is the male version and I should really change it to bambina - but that just didn't rhyme with cappuccino.

So today the kids helped me make up one for Glenn. You get to hear my beautiful voice singing it in the video below. And Kaya made up actions (excuse her low cut trousers, they're a little small).

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Snobound said...

I think it's all wonderful and completely true! Thanks for sharing these with the rest of us.