Monday, June 23, 2008

Lana's surgery today

Lana had her eye surgery today. She was fasting from last night and we woke her at 5.30 this morning to get ready to leave. She complained a little of being hungry but not too much.

When we got there, Kaya and Zoe were going crazy so Rene took them away to breakfast while I got settled in with Lana. She got in her gown right away and played with some toys, then switched on the TV and was mesmorized with playhouse Disney.

I wasn't overly impressed with the staff. It felt like someone new walked in every minute to give me conflicting information. And they seemed to expect me to sign consent forms without reading them! I had to practically pry one away from a nurse's hands at one point to read it first.

They wouldn't let me go through with Lana for her to have the gas to put her to sleep. So they wheeled her away in a wagon, which she enjoyed, and they brought her back to me after she had awoken from the anaesthesia. Her eye was swollen and she had blood pouring from her eye and left nostril. She had an IV in her hand and was crying that it hurt and she wanted it off. She was groggy from the medication and was begging me to take her home. It broke my heart. She said "I don't like this place anymore".

Then she started crying for her Daddy. She didn't want me anymore. She wouldn't let me touch her and she just said "I want my Daddy". I called him and he must have sped across town cause he was there in a heartbeat. She was much calmer after he arrived. She's such a Daddy's girl these days.

They took out the IV and we got her dressed and we went home at 9.30 am. As soon as she got home she went straight to bed and was out cold again. She woke up once at about 2pm to ask for medicine and take 2 sips of apple juice then she was straight back to sleep. At 4.30 we started to get concerned that she wasn't waking so we called the hospital again. While waiting for them to call back she woke up and felt much better! She ate a few bites of a bagel which she's kept down so far and she had a whole cup of apple juice.

She's even sitting outside in the wading pool, which is empty, playing with kaya. Her eye is still swollen and bleeding a little. She's on eye drops 3 times a day. And she has a follow up appointment tomorrow. Seems she's doing great though. She seems happy.

While Lana was sleeping it off, Rene took Zoe across to the hospital to get her EKG things strapped on. She's walking around now with the things stuck on ehr and the machine part on her back, like a backpack. She doesn't seem to mind it. Hopefully it will all come out normal. It's a 24 hour thing, so we'll return it tomorrow afternoon.

And while I've been typing this, Rene has been on the phone to a company he's applied for, who want him to come in for an interview tomorrow afternoon! Please pray it goes according to God's will. Man Rene's been quite the hero today.


Gorgeous. said...

OH that sounds hard to take.. Poor you and Poor Lana... How mean that they wouldn't let you go with her... Grrr... Sometimes PEOPLE just really get up my nose. ( good job it's so big...;P !!)

Hope she's feeling right as rain and that Zoe's EKG works out fine too!!

snobound said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery - lets just hope this takes care of the problem. Wishing Rene luck tomorrow, and of course we'll be praying.

Kinsleys3 said...

Sounds like a lot of good "Praise the Lord"s!

Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Hope Lana is doing well