Friday, June 5, 2009

Companionship anywhere

I walked into the bathroom this morning and was surprised to see Lana leaning over the toilet. I was worried she was sick, and saw my life pile of clean towels flash before my eyes.

But then she noticed me, straightened up and smiled sheepishly. And started explaining,
"I pretend those little screws on the toilet seat are actually tiny plungers, but they don't know my name and Unicorn likes to take pictures of me with them"

Ah, Lana. She's obscure, she's surreal, she's unique. She's frequently the odd one out, the last one picked, the first picked-on and the one left by herself. But she doesn't let that stop her. She finds companionship anywhere. Beauty in ugliness. Friends in inanimate objects. Her spirit is like a flame in a dark cave, and I pray it never burns out.


Herb of Grace said...

She is beautiful!

Momma Miller said...

Thank you for this, Niecey. Very touching--she's is so full of life and loveliness. Oh how I wish our children could grow up living closer together. My daughter (5) also seems to be left out frequently. She could be in a room full of other young girls, saying "hello" and waving to everyone, and STILL be ignored. Why, why, WHY?!

We have one mini-vacation to go on this coming weekend and then I should be back and visiting your blog more frequently. I'm missed you while I've been away!

Snobound said...

Ah Lana Belle! In a way, this is a very sweet and innocent post, and in another it is a very disturbing glimpse into her mind.

Laura said...

How fascinating and sweet! A child's innocence, imagination and adventure is a beautiful thing!

Niecey said...

Disturbing? Maybe you mean disturbing to hear that she is left out a lot?

She's not "normal" like every other plain Jane, but normal is so overrated. I think she has such a spark, which sets her head and shoulders above the mainstream crowd. She is bursting with creativity and imagination and I am in love with how quirky she is, that she has a 3 way conversation between toilet seat screws and an imaginary cat called Unicorn (I hadn't mentioned it was actually a cat hehe).

I bet the mothers of all the creative geniuses of the world could tell very similar stories. Don't be disturbed after peeking into her mind. Be amazed. She's something special. I bet God has a lot in planned for her.

Anonymous said...

we have a son who sounds a lot like your daughter. He is 11 now and was just diagnosed as autistic in February. We thank God for him and are amazed at the way his mind works. It is fantastically beautiful to see the world through his eyes, I wish every parent could see what we see. We thank God that he is not "normal", as that is sooooooo boring! :-)

Kinsleys4 said...

Hehe, and this picture just goes to prove Rene is indeed her dad. ;-)