Monday, June 8, 2009

Picture Wall

I, like many others, was in awe when I saw Tara Whitney's Photo Wall. I drooled and thought about how much I wanted one of those for myself!

When my mum kindly gave me some money for my birthday in May (thanks mum!) I knew right away what I wanted to spend it on. I had wanted a photo wall for months. So I started investigating options and found a great deal.

I got paint from good old walmart. It was $12. Then I got self adhesive foamboard from for $45.

And the 12 by 12 prints came from Scrapbooks Please and might I add (no I'm not getting paid to say this!) that these are extraordinary in quality. Amazingly beautiful luster prints. I am completely satisfied by the prints, and I never say that. I always have something to nit pick about when I get prints back. But I have nothing but praises for this company. I completely recommend them. I also happened to get a special deal for $2.99 per premium luster print, though usually it's $4.99. But I assure you they are worth $4.99 each! You won't be disappointed. And you get one free 8 by 8 premium luster if you're a new customer, so give it a try! You can't beat free.

Anyway I was so excited when everything arrived, and Rene helped me try to put them up straight last night. I didn't get it perfect, but I'm still thrilled with my wall.

Ok so here's the wall before. Just a plain old white wall.

And here it is after. Nowhere near as good as Tara's, because I'm not as good a photographer. But here is my wall, inspired by Tara Whitney's (just don't compare it to hers!)


Here it is.

The Scottish flag pic, was actually a pair of white tights which I cut up, and Kaya and Lana held one leg while Daddy and Zoe held the other (it was tied on her wrist). I laid down on the ground and shot this against the blue sky. It was hilarious because Zoe didn't understand what to do and she kept running round in circles. I had hoped to get some where you see more of people's hands, but I am happy to have go this one as it is. Here are the outtakes

Lana got upset because it was cold outside that day, and she wanted to go back to the car. So she did. And I'm happy I got my one shot in amongst those.

Anyway, a couple more shots of the wall.

The one of our hands, in the top right, was taken by Kaya. Isn't she great?

And then the one with our shoes, since Turtle doesn't wear shoes yet, we got his feet wet and made a feet print on the ground beside our shoes. I thought it was sweet.


Krystal said...

Are you kidding me? "Don't compare mine to Tara Whitneys" Your's is awesome! I am so impressed and hope to give it a whirl at my house! WOW! Problem is I will need very detailed instructions ;)!

Your pictures are amazing! I think you did a fabulous job!

Blessedw5mom said...

WOW!!! I love this!!! And I'm so inspired to do something like this in our new house. Hope it turns out as well as yours!

LISA said...

Love it. Wow.

Pam said...

Niecey-- this is so lovely... just beautiful and meaningful. You do wonderful work! I'd hire you in a second to do something like that for my family... I'm artistically challenged.

Jaime said...

YOu did a great job. Your photos are fantastic. I did have a question for you...I wondered how you get the process on the photos that looks like urban acid kind of? Not sure what to call it tho...but you use it a lot on your photos and I love it!! Is it your own edit? Or an action you bought somewhere? I just love it!!

Kathie said...

Niecey, your photo wall is beautiful. I want one! I too am artistically challenged though. I could do the stuff to get photos on the wall, but my photos aren't good enough to be posted like art!

Great job!

TanishaRenee said...

Oh my gosh, your photos are amaing as is your photo wall! I want to create one for myself--it's on a very long to do list! Gorgeous!

What a creative way to recerate the flag!!

Snobound said...

You did a good job.

Suki said...

Very good job you did here.
Thanks for stepping by my blog.
I love the idea of the photo wall. Need to put it on my to do list!
By the way, I love Scotland.

Kinsleys4 said...

Niecey it's amazing!! I'm so jealous! What a great wall to wake up to and smile at every day. :-)

Morgan said...

LOVE IT! If you ever come to Memphis, I'll hire you for the day to take pictures of us... A Day in the Life of the Eckles! You are awesome! I love the shoe picture... may have to try that... but I have like zero photography skills, so then again maybe not...

Michelle M. said...

That is gorgeous! Wonderful job. If only I could take photos like that, I would make a wall too :)

Di said...

Oh this is soooo beautiful. You did a great job. Seriously inspiring and such a great display of your work and beautiful family. Love it. Really well done. x

Caroline said...

Couldn't help but comment on the wonderful wall photos, it's really inspired me to change up out living room!
i have a couple technical questions about the exicusion:
1. once you got your prints, did you just stick them to the foamboad?
2. once they were on the foamboard, did you nail them to the wall or use more self adhesive to stick them to the wall?
3. i noticed on the blog you got the idea from she has frames... did you just skip the frames?

comment back would be great!

Gorgeous. said...

THAT is fantastic!!!!! :D

Sacha said...

Oh wow. That looks absolutely fantastic! I wish I were half as talented photographically. I LOVE it.