Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Way back When-sday

I stumbled across this meme, and I think it's a great idea. I *love* looking through old photos.

Check out twinfatuation blog and join in.

I looked out some old pics of Kaya, which were some of my favs. I used to do a photo shoot of the girls in Calendar Park,Falklirk (Scotland), every fall.

That park has significance for Rene and I. He sort of almost asked me out there (he had a conversation where he hinted at it, because he was too nervous, then started talking about "our relationship" and assumed us to be an item. And we have been ever since). We had our first kiss there (um...later that same day). We had many teenage-frustrated-hormone-driven fights there. We saw Hanson play there.

We took Heather there in fall 2001. And got this photo.

The following year, we were blessed to be able to bring Kaya there.

And also the year after that

But I'm not going to post those pics today (oops, I just did).

Because I loved these ones, from fall 2004. Kaya was 2, and Lana was about 3.5 months. Such pretty wee lassies. This was actually a difficult time in our marriage. We were having issues, and hadn't started counseling yet. We were very much in a rut, and spent a lot of time fighting or crying. But we'd sometimes just get out of the house, just forget about the stresses, the lack of money, the depression, the mess. We'd get out and just be a family. And have fun. And those moments sustained us.

I remember this day. It was a good day.

Check out Daddy's beard. hehe.

I don't miss tons about Scotland, other than the people and some food stuffs. Mostly, our lives have improved so much since coming here that I hardly stop to look back and miss the place. But I must admit, I feel a longing to stroll around Calendar park again, feed the ducks, watch the squirrels. Or in summer, watch the kids on the bouncy castle. A lot of memories in that place.


Jo said...

Beautiful! So glad you joined us!

Michelle M. said...

What a special place for your family. Hopefully you'll be able to go back and visit some time. Beautiful photos!

Laura said...

Sounds like we have the same views about Scotland - I miss the foods, some of the scenery (aka ALL the A82), some of the England where I lived for a while, I miss the picture perfect old tiny villages with the thatched roof cottages and squint walls.

Those pictures are just darling! Love the border/texture - perfect!

Rene said...

Gosh our kids are beautiful.

And they are so grown up now too!


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Niecey! So glad you decided to play have a gorgeous family (and serious photography skills!)

thank you for sharing such great memories with us, and for playing along with Way Back When-esday...I hope you will often!

Snobound said...

I've never been to Calendar, but I still love it - based on your photos. I miss the spring photos in the daffie fields. I want to go back to Scotland so badly. I felt so peaceful there.

Kinsleys4 said...

Gorgeous pics of the girls. Hehe, I just love reading how Rene 'sort of almost asked you out.' That's hilarious. ;-)

Momma Miller said...

Lovely, just lovely.

I guess I'm gonna have to pull out the old hard drives and do some digging. You've inspired me, yet again!