Monday, June 1, 2009

My unplugged day

One day in May, I chose to join in Jodie's Unplugged Challenge which was basically to spend 1 day without TV/computer/phone etc. One day, unplugged, with the kids, then blog about it on June 1st (today - man, May went by FAST!).

I spend a lot of time on the 'puter, but I found the unplugged challenge to be dead easy. There's always so much to keep you busy with 4 kids, I hardly missed the Internet, or Rhapsody music etc.

In short, we went to the zoo, came home and played silly/tickle etc on the couch, cleaned up the house, planted some seeds, cooked supper, ate supper then had a visitor over, then went to bed. We had fun.

Here are the pics.


Snobound said...

Looks like it was a fun and tiring day!

Herb of Grace said...

Aaaaa! I lovelovelove the sleepy pictures! I want to have taken them myself! I also seriously envy you having a zoo nearby. That's super cool.

JayLeigh said...

Your pictures are just awesome! What a fun day! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful glimpse of your day with us in pictures. :)

TheOrganicSister said...

Those photos are *amazing*. Totally beautiful. :)

I agree, one day unplugged is easy (although my unplugged never included the phone, it was never an issue either). I've done up to 3 weeks. The hardest part is catching up on emails and blogs when you get back. lol


Michelle M. said...

Incredible photos!!