Monday, June 22, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesdays {4}

Happy Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hearing what cute things your kids have been saying this week.

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I've been listening out for something this week for TTT, but nothing major came up. I did find it cute last night, when Lana and Zoe were sort of tangled up together on the floor, and Lana accidentally kicked Zoe on the knee while Zoe tried to break free. And Zoe looked at Lana and said, "Hey Lana, stop kickin' my butt".

Since one of the reasons I started this was for a way to record cute things they say, which are too easy to forget - I'm going to list some of Zoe's pronunciations at 2 years old.

Sleepy = Feepeet
Glenn = Ghenn
Like = Wike
Look = Wook
Dora the Explorer = Dora Pora
Swiper = Fiper
Bread = bed (which has caused a lot of frustration when she asks for bread and I start taking her to the bedroom and laying her down, and she starts freaking out)

Any little girl who is not her sister = Shaylee. It's the name of a friend's little girl, but Zoe insists everyone is called Shaylee. She even names her baby dolls Shaylee. And whenever we drive away from our house, she calls out to each of the neighbor girls in turn, "bye bye Shaylee" and then to the other one, "bye bye Shaylee"

Ok, I'm editing this to add a new one which just happened

Background - last year Kaya bought a bag of beads from a yard sale. We buckled them into their car seats and I sat in the front while Rene ran back to pick up a couple coffee tables (for 10 c each). In the amount of time it took for him to cross the street, Lana had managed to stick a bead up her nose and get it completely wedged way high. In fact, blogged about it. We ended up in ER, where they got me to blow in her mouth to make the bead fly out.

So just 2 minutes ago, Lana found a bead and brought it to me and said, "Look at this bead, Mum. It's so big it would only barely fit up my nose"

I guess this is how her mind works. A good way to judge bead size is to compare it with nostril size. I of course, reminded her of that time she had a bead stuck up her nose, and why she wouldn't ever want to attempt that again.


I can't wait to read yours!

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Momma Miller said...

I love your list of words. I'll have to write out our list. My oldest son has some really cute ones these days.

Thanks for doing this, Niecey!


Kathie said...

Niecey, I have a list of Caleb's pronunciations from when he was littler! And Caleb also did exactly what Zoe does--with him, every baby was "Baby Noah" because that's what we called his baby brother. He also named his dolls and the baby in his tummy Baby Noah!

Jo said...

Love it so I decided to join in. :D

Michelle M. said...


I can't believe you got coffee tables for 10cents each. Good bargain hunting!

Snobound said...

Since I have no children to listen to or post cute things about I will just tell you that I stuck a raisin up my dad's nose once. I was about 14 years old. Yes, you read it right. I was 14. I had strep throat and was sitting at the kitchen table eating a few raisins since they were the only thing that sounded good to me. My dad was sitting with me and we were just talking - well, mostly he was talking and I was trying to stay awake and upright. Anyway, at some point, I picked up the fattest raisin in the pile, looked at it, and with one quick motion I had managed to stick the raisin in my Dad's nostril without him missing a beat or even knowing what I was doing until I had done it. I don't know what possessed me to do it - I guess I just thought, "hey this is a fat raisin, I wonder if I can stick it in Dad's nose." Instinctively, he stuck his finger in his nose to get it out, which only pushed it further up. I started laughing...he however did not find it amusing and got quite upset over it. He did get it out without a trip to the ER, but he never again sat next to me while I ate raisins. To this day he won't...wonder why?

The Amazing Trips said...

Unfortunately, I wrote my most recent post before I found your blog or else I would have linked to this thread.

My recent adventure in a public restroom with our four-year-old triplets and almost two-year-old toddler had quite a bit of entertaining "tot talk" flying around. Much to my chagrin. And the gas passing woman in the adjacent stall.

MrsW said...

lol - oh the joy of blowing artefacts (and associated gunk) out of your baby's nose with nothing but your mouth... it's fun isn't it? It's just as well we love them. I'm boking at the memory :))

Herb of Grace said...

Phooey. I missed out on it this week :( I'll catch y'all next time. And enjoy reading everyone else's cute stories for now :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when my sister got something stuck up her do the silliest things.