Thursday, June 11, 2009

The first time a Turtle ever....

Time to do some updating on my Turtle. He's still 8 months old for another week. 8 months has proven to be a biggie for him.

When he was 7 months old, he looked like this.

And he couldn't yet do this:

or this

He's had so many firsts this month. Talk about growth/developmental spurt!

Now he can:

pull himself up to stand
cruise between items of furniture
cruise along the hallway
drink from a straw
clap his hands
say "dada" and "ap ap" (clap)
throw items (we do throw and catch/pass back and forth games)
hold a cup and drink from it
mimic sounds
blow (like when we're cooling off food)
get into stuff and cause trouble

He's unstoppable now!

Unfortunately, he had a different kind of first last night. Daddy took all 4 kids out to the optician while I stayed back to cook supper. When he was getting everyone back in the car, he had turtle in his backpack carrying thing, while he was buckling Zoe in. i can't understand exactly how it happened, but somehow a seat fell back or something and banged Glenn on his face.

And he got his first shiner.

It's killing me. I hate that I wasn't there when he was crying for me. He needed mummy to comfort him. By the time they got home he seemed to have completely gotten over it. He was content. I still put an ice pack on it and have been treating it with arnica which seems to be helping.

But he's his usual happy self.

I used to describe him as content, peaceful and placid. I can't use those terms now. Because he is raring to go! He wants to be up and about and discovering things and getting into things. Safe to say he's mobile. Placid he is not. But he is just as happy as ever. Such a joyful little lamb, such a delight. I love my boy.


Snobound said...

Sounds like a little Lana Jr. :-)

Kathie said...

Oh my gosh--he's adorable Niecey! I love his laugh on the second video. Aren't boys just so much fun? I'm not saying girls are not, I just have zero experience with girls!


Mom2aPrincess&Prince said...

hey i happened upon your blog from another blog... not sure which lol but I wanted to say my son is 8 months old for another 2 and 1/2 weeks :) Its so funny how fast they grow isnt it?? I have been meaning to keep up with my blog, but I tend to read too many other peoples blogs ha ha... so just wanted to say I can sympathize with you on the baby thoughts!!

Momma Miller said...

He's growing up. It all happens so quickly. :sniff, sniff:

OUCHY! That's just like my two littlest ones--black eyes, busted foreheads, chipped teeth...I just hate it when I'm not there to hold them. Poor things.

Jessi said...

he is so cute i could just squeeze him!

poor boy though. that shiner looks like it hurts! my son just went through a doozy that made me want to cry for him too.

love all of the pictures!

Molly said...

Such cute pictures! What a busy month he's had!

Suki said...

He is just so super cute with his smile!

Laura said...

Poor baby! I hope that shiner goes soon! I have arnica too - I bruise VERY easily!