Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have no pictures

I have no pictures for today's post, but I have much to tell.

Mum and the Davids left on Wednesday morning, to visit family in MN. We expected them back on Saturday night.

Soon after they left, I started to feel very ill, with UTI like cramps and back pain. I suspected a kidney infection and tried cranberry juice (100%), cranberry capsules and lots of water. I got very fluish and feverish and on Thursday afternoon we decided enough is enough and I went to the walk in clinic, confirmed the kidney infection and picked up some antibiotics. Turns out they weren't a type that's safe for breastfeeding so I had to call in (who am I kidding, I had Rene call in for me - I don't do phones, remember?) for some plain old amoxycilin which I picked up on Friday.

So, Friday afternoon, I'm still feeling pretty rough but I decided to go ahead and get out of the house. I've had a couple days in bed and the house is trashed, and I was fed up. Still feeling pretty ill, but needing some sunshine. We headed out to a friend's little girl's birthday party. They kids loved it and some of their favorite people were there, but we didn't have much time before we had to head off, because I had a concert to go to.

Vota were playing an open air, FREE concert in Lincoln. Vota used to be called Casting Pearls, but I think people kept confusing them with Casting Crowns so they changed their name. Anyway, they were one of my fav bands even when I lived in Scotland, and I moved to Lincoln before realizing they are from Lincoln! In fact, the lead singer, Bryan Oleson goes to my church, and my kid is in Sunday school with his kid! They're touring the USA just now, but stopped by their hometown for a quick freebie. I was SO BUMMED when I realized I forgot my camera. So no pics. And it was open air and fantastic cloud cover, I could have got some AMAZING pics. Man oh man. I kicked myself so hard.

But we all had a great time. Other than me feeling unwell, it was a lot of fun. There was a bouncy castle (for free) for the kids and a coloring table, and Turtle utterly enjoyed himself singing and dancing and clapping his hands and flirting with old ladies. I'm tellin' ya, he's exactly like his Dad in personality!

On the way home, we drove through down town and noticed some sort of festival was on (jazz fest?) and we decided to be spontaneous at 10pm and find a place to park and check it out. It seemed like fun. So we started driving along the one way systems, with our windows down so we could hear the live music. Then Rene casually says to me, "My wallet just flew out the window"


"My wallet just flew out the window"

He was doing that whole pretend-to-be-casual-because-you're-actually-freaking-out-so-much-you're-off-the-scale-for-freak-outness thing. And he started driving through the one way system to try to get back to the road so he can get his wallet. It was taking forever, and Rene was worrying the whole time about his ID and his greencard etc etc.

Finally we get close and he pulls over in an illegal space and jumps out of the car and starts running faster than his legs can keep up. I watched him trip up, fall on all fours and then tumble completely over and continue to roll. He almost rolled onto the road full of traffic! It was a really bad fall and looked incredibly painful. I saw ER bills flash before my eyes. I screamed and panicked. I didn't want to leave the kids in an illegally parked space with the keys in the car to run to Rene, so I just got out of my door and stood right by it and yelled out to him, "are you ok?!"

He got up with an insane look on his face and just started running. He still didn't have his wallet. He ran onto the road like a school boy playing chicken, swiped his wallet and bolted back to the car, laughing like a mad man. The kids and I were beside ourselves with worry, and Rene seemed to have completely overdosed in adrenaline and endorphins. I asked if he needed me to drive, even though I was in pain and ill and not quite fit to drive. But he assured me he was ok. And he gave me a "mwa ha ha ha ha" to punctuate it.

About 5 minutes into our drive home (we decided to skip jazzfest afterall and just head home) after continually telling us he was fine, and giggling like a little girlie, suddenly he sobered up and suddenly burst out with, "Owch, now it hurts.

He made it home and as he pulled into our drive we noticed Mum and Davids' car in our drive! They came back a day early and decided to surprise us! I ran in ahead of them all and started cleaning. Because the place got so messy while I was in bed these past couple days and we had plans to clean it up Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to see them early though.

We listened to their stories about their trip while I cleaned up my husband's bloody leg and he told stories about his (different kind of) trip. We laughed and then headed to bed. And here I am in bed, and I thought I'd type this up first. Because it was quite eventful and worth mentioning. I just wish I had photos. Kick kick.


Shaye said...

YIKES! What a crazy week you've had. And how amazing that is that his wallet flew out the window and he got it back. I'm still shocked that it just flew out the window!

So glad you're enjoying family time, that you're on the mend, and that Rene is okay after his fall!

It's nearly 1am here, but hubby's flight got re-routed due to a microburst that supposedly hit Denver right before his plane was supposed to land. They sent them to Cheyenne, WY. They finally sent him back to Denver and he *should* already be home, but he's sitting in the Denver airport trying to find out if they an re-route his plane. Ughh! So, alas, I cannot sleep. I'm sitting here, listening to the rain, doing a little blog reading, and about to start some catch-up house keeping.

Have a great weekend!


Kinsleys4 said...

LOL - Oh man, life is never dull with Rene eh? ;-)

Herb of Grace said...

UnbelIEVEable. Pictures probably wouldn't do a day like that justice...

DJ said...

I felt tired just reading all that... man, I think I'd have just burst into tears!!

Cali Eddy said...

I tripped over a speed bump and had a great fall JUST like his. Tell him I feel his pain...literally.

LISA said...

Ah, your posts always bring a smile to my face or totally make me laugh. You guys are awesome!