Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

I hope you all have had a good week. I've had a busy one and will post about it as soon as I've done editing pics!

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This morning I noticed Zoe point to her elbow and call it an armbow. Which makes sense really.

Since this week's TTT is all about Zoe, I'll stick in a pic of her here

I've taught Zoe that Jesus can live in our hearts. Sometimes I'll ask her where Jesus is and she'll point to her heart and say, "right there, in my tummy".

A few days ago I asked her where Jesus is, but she was wearing a t-shirt with a big plastic flower covering her heart area and I guess she figured there wasn't enough room in there for Jesus too. She started patting around the flower area and worriedly saying, "Oh no. I don't know. I can't find her. Jesus is not there." Then she put her hands in a holler position over her mouth and yelled, "JESUS! Where is she? JESUS!!!!!! I can't find her"

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Kathie said...

Niecey, Do we get a Mr. Linky this week? Or am I missing where it is?

Kathie S.

Niecey said...

Oops, sorry bout that! I just got done publishing and Zoe came through screaming at me for cereal and I forgot about Mr Linky. He's up now though.

Kathie said...

Thanks Niecey--I totally understand about kids distracting you! They are more important than the internet!

And I loved the Zoe's "armbow" logic. That totally makes more sense than "elbow"!

Shaye said...

"Armbow," how cute! My parents recorded a bunch of these saying when I was little and said they often made more sense than the real word did. For example, I called breasts "bows" because they looked like elbows pulled up to my chest.

It's so great to see inside the mind of a child and discover a better way to say all this stuff!



septembermom said...

That was really adorable! I love it! Shaye was kind enough to invite me to play along today. I had fun:) Great meme and lovely blog!

Herb of Grace said...

Haha, VERY cute :)

MrsW said...

Hmmmmm - now what does she know that the rest of the christian world is missing? Hmmmmm.....?