Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

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Zoe has had a difficult time accepting her role as middle child since Turtle came along. We've had issues with her pushing and scratching and stealing toys. She sometimes worries she's not as loved because she has to share the attention, and it's difficult for her. So whenever there is a warm, tender moment between them, I savor it.

A couple days ago we were snuggling in bed. Zoe, Turtle and I. Zoe turned to look at me and her baby brother caught her eye. Then she noticed he had fallen asleep and I guess he didn't look like a threat to her in his position and she felt nurturing towards him. She patted his head, gazed down lovingly at him and said, "awwwwwww. Ghen. Awwww, he weely wikes me. Wook at Ghen. I weely wike him".

Thanks for playing along. You make me feel loved. Lets share some comments :)

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septembermom said...

I love those moments of tenderness between kids. It can be tough being the middle child. Very sweet photo:)

Kathie said...

Sweet Zoe. Kids all have their moments (both naughty and adorable).

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

Shaye said...

That's just precious. We've been getting some of those non-threatening moments lately with our middle child--loving on baby brother. It's so special!

My Tot Talk Tuesday is coming...hopefully I'll have it up by noon. :)


Herb of Grace said...


Shaye said...

Hey girl, where is Mr. Linky??