Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Zoe has a best friend. He's the next door neighbor's kid, Gage, a few months younger than she is, and yes, he is a boy. So of course everyone thinks they'll be married one day, and if they do, she'd be doing well for herself. Because he's a very sweet and loving boy. He puts up with Zoe's unwillingness to share, he tolerates her fickle nature and bossiness and follows her from the car to the swing to the sandbox as she constantly changes her fancy. It's adorable to watch their faces light up when they see each other and they run to each other and immediately take back up from wherever they left things off last time.

This week I was out swinging Zoe and she could hear Gage crying inside his house. She looked concerned and told me,

"oh no, Gage cwying. Gage sad; He wants me. Gage wants me."

I asked her,
"Is Gage crying because he wants you?"

"Yes. And a baby chicken. Gage cwying - he wants me and a baby chicken".

Then later on that day he came out to play. While he was playing on the swing he started patting his lap and saying, "Zoe, come a sap. Come a sap, Zoe."

She frowned at him and put on a disgusted face and said, "No. I don't want a wap"

Which of course, he gracefully accepted and they went on to play something else. They are so cute together.

I've also gotta tell you about Lana singing a song she learned at Sunday school. On the way home from church, she was sitting in the back seat peltering out,

"God sent his son to Earth and Jesus was his name-o
Hmm hmmm esss yooo esss
hmmm hmmmm esss yooo esss
hmmm hmmm ess yooo esss
and Bingo was his name-o"

Then she looked a little confused. There were a couple seconds silence while she figured out the error, then corrected herself,
"And Jesus was his name-o"


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septembermom said...

Your kids are adorable! So cute. I love the song. Kids can be really creative and fun at the same time. I'm sure Jesus was smiling that day:)

Herb of Grace said...

That's pretty hilarious :)

Jo said...

Made me giggle.

2Shaye said...

LOOOOVED the Bing-o one. How cute! And our daughter's best friend (a boy) just moved away and it's been such a hard summer on her. They used to do tons together (and so did us moms) and so now she's trying to start over. :(


Kathie said...

Isn't it so cute when kids start forming friendships?

And I love the Bingo/Jesus mixup. Sounds just like something Caleb would do.

DJ said...

Awww! Rory has a little besom, I mean, girlfriend too, and when she's not busy telling him to go away, taking her toys away from him and generally taking charge, they're absolutely adorable together. As I see him trot along behind her complicitly I just think: 'Yup. Typical boy-girl dynamic.'