Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

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I didn't take much note of mine this week. One that I did remember is Zoe's latest way of asking for a large quantity or volume of something. She asked me for a cracker the other day, then asked for one in her other hand too, but was still not satisfied. So she tried, "I want more. I want wots of fings".

The next day she wanted a cup of milk. So I half filled a cup, which wasn't enough for her, so she used her line, "I want wots of fings".

It's so cute, so it works. She gets plenty of fings.


Ok but I've got to tell you what just happened a minute ago. It was the grossest thing ever in the whole world. Zoe just whipped off her diaper and came to me saying, "I'm poopy. I'm poopy. Oh no, Ghen"

So I jumped up to investigate. The word poop always gets my immediate attention (ok that sounded kind of weird). And I found her warm, fresh feces lying on my carpet. But that wasn't the gross part. The gross part was Zoe's baby brother hovering over said poop, sticking his hands in it and........eating it. Kaya reckons he thought it was chocolate. I may never eat chocolate ever again.

I have never seen anything so disgusting. Ok so what are the symptoms of e.coli I should look out for?

Honestly he didn't get a whole lot of poop in his mouth, but any poop in the mouth is too much poop in the mouth, am I right? Wow, yup, this one definitely tops the time Lana took off her poopy diaper in Scotland and painted the walls and the toybox with the contents

I'm thinking it's a good sign that it's time to start potty training!


septembermom said...

Oh! You may help me cut back on my chocolate addiction too! You're right that it may be a good time for potty training. Kids are funny when they think everything is play doh:) Cute Tot Talk for today!

2Shaye said...

Ugh. That really IS gross. Haven't had that happen, yet. But now I'll be looking out. ICKY POOP!



Herb of Grace said...

Hoo boy. That may be the grossest thing I've ever heard.

I've heard so many stories about kids taking off diapers and subsequent poop disasters, but we've never actually experienced anything like this. I feel like I'm missing out...

Snobound said...

All I will say is, I ate an entire disposable diaper once (I was a tot at the time of course) - and according to my parents is wasn't a 'clean' diaper either. I'm sure he'll be fine...after all, Zoe was eating crackers that had been dipped in the toilet and she's still with us.

LISA said...

Okay, yep....totally gross. BUT, I really, really needed that laugh today. Im sorry it's at your expense, but THANK YOU! for posting it!

Riahli said...

I had something similar happen with my two youngest and yeah...it's gross, but he survived. My oldest boy ate his own poo once...just a little but enough to send my husband over the edge...I on the otherhand was so freaked out I started laughing hysterically (I always do at just the wrong time) and it made my husband sooooooo mad! I don't know if it's because we potty train really relaxed over here with bare bottomed boys (they are usually out of diapers before two though so that's good) but I have wayyyyyy to many poo stories.

But I won't be sharing anymore...you don't have to thank me. :)

lady mommy said...

Sierra has become the little artist with her poo. She won't go on the potty and instead waits until naptime when she can smear it all over her bedroom (twice so far). She gets to clean it up and doesn't like that much. I ended up removing all toys from her bedroom so now all that is in there is her bed because I can't stand cleaning the toys off a million times. Yesterday after painting her room she wa sbiting her poo covered nails. I totally and utterly understand what you went through hehe.