Thursday, July 23, 2009

The quest for authentic manhood

My husband has been doing this men's fraternity thing at church and has been so very inspired. He's healed past hurts and has new hope for the future. I think there is a lot of confusion for men in our society; they don't have a very well defined role and it's leading to a lot of misdirection and depression.

Rene is an amazingly good man. A wonderful husband and an awesome father. But he is striving to do better still. And that's why he started this blog.

He intends to record his musings on the issue of finding his authenticity in his role as a partner, provider, role model, and son of God. I'm looking forward to reading it! He's also asking a bunch of friends to post some guest posts in the future (which may or may not represent Rene's personal beliefs on the subject of manhood, as he's leaving it open). And I will make him some pretty pictures for his blog soon too, a nice skin of some sort.

It's in its baby stages just now, but please do go check it out. He covets some comment lovin'. If you can take a mo to drop him an encouraging comment, he'll be a happy man.

Here's the link again Rene's blog in case you missed it before.


2Shaye said...

I'm so thrilled to learn of this, Niecey! I had Rene's old blog in my reader. Can't wait to dive into the new one and we'll anxiously await new posts.



Herb of Grace said...

Ooo. Have you guys read the John Eldridge books? They are quite good.

me said...

Winn is apart of a men's fraternity at our church as well! Awesome!

Kathie said...

I'm still looking forward to reading more on Rene's blog! :-) No, really, I'm sure he's plenty busy. I don't know how either of you find time to be online, with four kiddos. I can hardly ever update my blog, and I've only got two so far.