Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beached Whale

I can't believe I'm already at the beached whale stage of pregnancy. I'm only 29 weeks pregnant, just started the third trimester but I'm already feeling huge and uncomfortable.

I guess it's partly because I'm older now than I was in my previous pregnancies...a few years closer to the big 3-0. (I'm still just 27 now though, still 3 years til I need to worry about that). And because this is the first time I've been pregnant and in Nebraska in the Summer at the same time!

I just can't get cold enough. I'm always hot and thirsty. My pelvis hurts so bad, I can hardly bend down to pick up all the toys and dirty laundry the girls (and Rene) keep dropping on the ground. I need one of those grabber things so I don't need to bend. I have to sit down to dress myself or else my pelvis feels like it's going to snap, and getting out of bed 5 times a night to pee hurts it so much. I'm not sleeping well, I'm getting headaches, I just want to lie in the air conditioning with a fan blowing on my face all day. I'm too old for this. And at least 11 more weeks to go, if not more.

I'm getting really broody now too. Looking forward to holding my Turtle and getting to know him or her. And taking photos of the little feet and giving them a bath and smelling their head and touching the folds and wrinkles. I'm so looking forward to it. Just gotta survive this Summer first.

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Kinsleys3 said...

Hang in there! Only a couple months left - and if there are a few extra piles and messes sitting around for the next couple months, that's not going to hurt anyone! Take it easy!