Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lana's stent

The stent that Lana had inserted in her eye on Monday has dislodged itself and is sticking onto her eyeball now. Poor girl, it's really irritating her.

The Dr had warned us over and over not to let her rub her eye or nose and Lana was doing great at that. But she was in the wading pool, and I think she splashed it and rubbed it instinctively because it was wet.I hadn't realised it was quite that delicate.

So we're sitting back hoping it stays in as long as possible. It was supposed to be in for 3-4 months, then they'd remove it. It hasn't even lasted a week yet. The Dr said the longer it stays in the better, and he said if it sticks outside, they can tape it to her nose, which sounds awkward. The longer it stays in, the more chance of her tear duct staying open afterwards. So we just want to keep it in as long as we can. I sure don't want to have put her through all that for nothing.

Now if it does come out after Monday, we're no longer insured. Joy joy. We've submitted an application for medicaid so hopefully we can backdate things to cover this period if we're found eligible. They said it can take 45 days to process the application. Sometimes I do miss the NHS. Mind you, on the NHS we had to wait on a waiting list for months and months just to see an eye specialist, so I guess there are pros and cons.


Kinsleys3 said...

Poor thing - 3-4 months is an awfully long time for a little girl not to rub her eye.

Di said...

Oh bless her heart. Poor little thing. Here's hoping it all gets sorted in a timely and free from too much irritation manner! x

Abby said...

Thank you for posting this. My son is going to have to have a stent put in his eye soon. They tried probing it and it didn't take so now we've moved to the stent. Has everything turned out okay with your daughter. You can go the my blog and leave a response if you want.