Thursday, June 19, 2008

Job - less

We had a late night last night and were being lazy this morning. At 9am I hadn't given the girls breakfast yet, we were just lying around in bed, being silly. When suddenly Rene walks through the door! I hadn't expected it and got a bit of a start.

He had gone in early this morning, as he's been doing recently. But at 8.10am his boss called him in to tell him he no longer had a job.

Things had been getting nasty around there recently anyway. They have a vote coming up next month which decides whether the company is getting shut down or not, and everyone's running around like headless chickens. Rene has been putting in 14 hour shifts, working at night on his laptop, living, eating and breathing his job trying to hard to get this project finished. He's put his all into it. But supposedly it has not been enough and they still gave him the boot. I think they needed someone to blame for the out-of-control feelings they have going on right now and Rene fit that position. He was the last of the IT department to go, they only have contracters now, so I guess we should feel happy he lasted thus long!

It's not great timing for losing a job with Lana's surgery this month and us having a baby in September. We have insurance through the end of June, which will cover the surgery, but not her follow up visits or when she needs to have the stent removed. Zoe's getting a 24 hour ekg done too, which hopefully will be covered, but not any follow up that needs done on that.

Anyway God will take care of us, He always does. Rene's on the phone with a recruiter as I type. Something will come up and we'll be ok. And I guess for now we just enjoy the ride. We'll look back and laugh I guess. Any prayers would be appreciated though!


snobound said...

I'm just crushed for you guys, and you know we'll definitely be praying for God to open up the doors to your next job. Let us know if you need anything.

Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Thats how I felt 2 weeks ago D! We will pray for you guys!

Ren is a resourceful chap, he will find something else, failing that he could always do what my mate Kev is doing, he started his own IT company, he now charges $80 USD at the cheapest rate!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts being sent your way, Niecey. love Petra

Sam Burton said...

It stinks, but everything will be alright. Good on him for getting in touch with a recruiter right away. We're praying.

Much Love,


Kinsleys3 said...

What an awful feeling to be jobless without warning. So sorry Rene ended up as the company's scapegoat. We are praying the Lord will provide above and beyond what you could ever expect. Love you guys!