Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Earth friendly cleaning

This is not my photo, I grabbed it from the web cause I couldn't be bothered taking my own.

Ever since finding out that breastmilk contains toxins, because of all the chemicals in our environment , I've been trying to slowly reduce the amount of chemicals I'm exposing myself to. Zoe's not showing signs of giving up nursing, at 15 months old, plus I'm growing a baby in there, so that's double reason to try to keep the toxins at a low level.

I bought these laundry magnets and though I'm not 100% convinced they work...I am at least able to reduce the amount of detergent I'm using. The clothes are getting clean with just the magnets but they still smell bad sometimes. I only need about 1tbsp detergent per load and its working out pretty well.

And I've started making my own cleaning solution for cleaning kitchen/bathroom etc. It's made of vinegar, water, lavendar essential oil and tea tree oil. The vinegar cleans, the lavendar helps with the stink of the vinegar and the tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant.

It works fantastically well, I especially am pleased with how it cleans the floor. Instead of a big bucket of soapy water which ends up filthy, I'm just spraying the floor with the cleaning spray, then moping it with a damp sponge. The floor is shiny and not sticky. And I don't have to worry about nasty chemicals which are often more dangerous than the germs we're trying to clean with them!

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