Monday, September 7, 2009


Blech. I have a chest cold just now. Rene and Turtle have it too and are pretty miserable.

I have my yard sale treasures from the weekend to cheer me up though. Have I mentioned before that I *love* yard sales??

I got myself all these clothes, for 25c each

And I'm mostly pleased about these books

This is $65 worth of books, which I got for a grand total of $3. I'm so pleased.

Oh and I got one of them toast rack things for 25c.

I love toast that has gone crisp before you spread the butter on, so the butter doesn't melt into it, but stays on the surface for you to stick your teeth into with that satisfying crunch toast noise. Yum.


Snobound said...

Are you trying to "say something" with those books???

Niecey said...

Sure, I'm trying to say, "I enjoy reading about birth" :) Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. Hehe. Those were books I wanted to read, but weren't in my library and I didn't have the cash for. So I was super thrilled to find them at the yard sale for so cheap.

Michelle M. said...

I love bargains!! I've heard the Birthing From Within is a great book. You'll have to read it and let us know.

Oh, and your prize will be on its way soon. Sorry I didn't get it mailed out before the baby was born, and now I am staying home for a few weeks. But it will be on its way soon :)

lady mommy said...

I had a great yard sale weekend too. Found a wash pod for only 5 bucks. Too bad my poor son is too fat for it lol!

Corrie Howe said...

Wow! I love your photos! So powerful for such "everyday" things.

Gorgeous. said...

I LOVE cold, crunchy toast!! SOME FOLKS think I am weird, but when you can spread thick butter on it, then a fat layer of marmalade.... ummmmmmmm!!!