Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm glad we have a toilet

Long story short ('cause it's 2am and I want a little sleep before the monkeys get me up for the day)

We had a bad weekend.

It starts with Zoe flushing the toothpaste down the toilet Friday afternoon.
It blocks up. We try plunging, sticking coat hangers down, no luck.

We watch a movie. Turtle knocks over my drink all over my laptop. It won't power up. I grieve deeply.

Sat morning, the laptop works again. Woohoo.

We all really need to go potty. Spend the morning trying to unblock toilet, borrowing various pieces of equipment from neighbors, shop vacs, long coily metal things (I dunno what it's called. It's not my scene) etc. Much sweat. A few trips to the local grocery store for the bathroom.

We decide to destress by going out to Omaha (1 hr drive) to go see some cheap movies. Rene goes to see Food inc, and the kids and I go to see Up.

Zoe won't sit down and is making a bunch of noise. I notice she has a poopy diaper so I take her and Turtle out to change her. Zoe throws a complete flakey. Like I've never ever seen. People are staring like I'm a horrible mother. She takes off her clothes and won't let me put them back on. She is screaming like she's demon possessed. I don't think I can handle it. Turtle is splashing in toilets. I drag them out to the car, hoping she'll calm down and I can find comfier clothes for her, while Zoe squirms.

The car alarm starts going off. Rene has the keys. Zoe escapes and runs away from me in the parking lot, butt naked and screaming like something evil. I'm scared. The car is loud. Zoe is loud. I'm crying my eyes out. I get some trousers on her and take them back into the theater building. Zoe lies on the floor, in such a frenzie. I beg the man at the front to "please, get my husband. He's in the food inc movie. I need my husband".

Rene comes and saves the day. He handles Zoe while I go back in the movie with Turtle. Everyone laughs at UP while I bawl my eyes out, releasing a ton of tension. Rene brings Zoe in beside me, with popcorn, she's happy.

We watch the rest of our movies then head home to tackle the toilet some more. My brother comes. He and our neighbors work on our toilet until 11pmish at night. No luck.

We settle kids to bed and stay up late watching Dollhouse (season 1, no spoilers please).

Next morning, Doug, Kaya and I go to church while Rene stays home to wait for maintenance. We'll just have to foot the bill. Church is good. We come home just in time for maintenance to arrive.

The guy stays for hours, can't unblock it (but there is strawberry toothpaste oozing out of the toilet) so replaces the whole toilet. It's going to be pricey.
We subsequently miss our Scottish Clan Gathering potluck we were looking forward to.
Lana comes down with a 102 fever and is very sleepy. I guess we're in the house for a few more days.

We get the kids to bed then stay up late working.

Crazy weekend. I'm just glad we have a toilet now. And I'm glad we have good neighbors and my awesome brother.


4 Lettre Words said...

That is crazy! Wow.

P.S. Congrats on last weeks i heart faces selection!! I knew you had a winner. :o)

MrsW said...

You must feel completely drained after that! I'm pretty drained just reading about it.

And one day you will laugh about it.

Probably when they all have their own children to frazzle them. It's the best bit about being a parent - looking forward to being a GRANDparent. If I had a pound for everytime my Mum said "Oh payback!" hehe.

Laura said...

Oh man. I'm a little teary from reading about all that stress.

At the house we lived in like 5 years ago we had tree roots growing into the major toilet lines under the front yard or something like that. Well every few months the toilets would back up so badly there'd be sewage spilling out of the toilets, onto the floor, out of the bathtubs, etc. I can totally remember the horror of having this happen either late at night or on a weekend and not having a potty to use and having to make runs to Bojangles just to pee.

I'm glad it's over and you have your potty back. That Zoe is a handful!

Di said...

I'm totally exhausted reading that... goodness what it was like to live it. Although having said that, I do remember similar incidences when my lot were little. If nothing else, niecey, it makes for an interesting, rich and rewarding life! ;)

Oh and I'm thrilled you like my art. Coming from you, who inspires me, it means a lot. Thank you! Blue clues... bless her heart! I think its the bright colours she saw eh? x

Herb of Grace said...

Dollhouse rocks! You're gonna love it :) Did you ever get into "Firefly"? Are you a fellow Joss Whedon fan?

Sorry about the toilet... :(

Jana Green said...

Wow. I'm worn out after reading that. Never a dull moment is an understatement.

Good thing you have such a great husband who is there and can help.

Thanks for the comment on my blog....haven't gotten many lately.

april g said...

Oh my goodness, sweetie! What a nightmare! I can't believe you stayed to finish the movie... I would have been SO out of there. LOL I'm so relieved to hear you have a toilet again... *hugs*

April (aka organiquegal)

Michelle M. said...

Oh my goodness! What a weekend! I can't believe you survived :) I hope the rest of the week goes better.

Kinsleys4 said...

Wow... I'm not sure what else to say. Wow.

Morgan said...

Oh, my... I'm SO so sorry! Potty issues are the worst... we just had to get a new one too. It is expensive! Hope you have a calm week or who am I kidding... a calm moment or two. :)

DJ said...

Weekends that suck make you appreciate weekends that rock so much more!

Laura said...

Oh you poor thing! I am just back from the homeland this week - trying to get caught up again. Age tons of chocolate and pickled onion crisps, but can you believe I didn't have one haggis? Ugh - I am gutted! Still, had a fair few Indian take-aways that were delish!!! How are you doing my friend?

allenaim photography and design said...

OH MY GOODNESS...oh my goodness...OH MY GOODNESS...

I made my husband stop watching the Faculty (Yes he's watching the faculty) to listen o the whole post...those days happen in our house too :) We both commiserated w/ you...

Happy toileting!