Wednesday, September 23, 2009

International Babywearing Week (foto fest)

This week is International Babywearing Week.

I'm not necessarily a babywearing advocate. I don't think wearing your baby makes you a better mother than if you simply carry your baby. But it sure does make things easier. I *love* wearing my babies. I love having them close and snuggled up next to me without having to make my arms exhausted.

Here's a cute video to show what it's all about.

I thought what I'd do to honor the occasion, is sift through my pics and have a major photo fest of baby wearing pics. And invite you to join in too. I created a meme, and I'd love it if you'd post some baby wearing pics on your own blog and link to them below. I'll keep it open for a nice long time. But get your pics in this week if you can, while it's still International Babywearing Week.

And here are the pics.

This is Zoe. Aw, so wittle.

And back to Turtle.

Look Maw, no hands

I hope you enjoyed these :)
Now I want to see some of yours.


MrsW said...

Blimey I thought my hair grew fast!

I never "wore" by babies, I had one of those Tomy backpacks and I had a front carrier for when No2 was born 19 months after No1 but my back just wasn't up to it.

I also wouldn't have been able to transport nearly so much STUFF without a pram to chuck it in or hang it off. It was a brave person who let go of any pram I ever owned (6 at last count!) as none of my children ever got heavy enough to counterbalance the Woolies & M&S carrier bags - the first 2 shops I could think of that don't have car-parks - how much could I spend in M&S if they had a car-park! (probably just as well they don't)

Erin said...

Beautiful photos!!! They look professionally done! I was inspired to sift through my old pictures and post my own babywearing photos on my blog!

Jana Green said...

I didn't have any pictures of me wearing Jakob, so I had to take one...hope it's not too late.....

I actually usually wear him in this thing called a Hip Hammock....

Jana Green

Michelle M. said...


I missed the actual week, but did a post about it anyway :)_)

Laura said...

We had a bjorn for Logan before I knew better and my poor back recovered! With Taran, I've had a ton of different slings and wraps and carriers...but I think I have a couple of pictures - let me post a couple and link up!