Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

Zoe was pretending to speak in a microphone (really, it was a dining chair, upturned, to she was speaking into the leg) and she started with, "untention, untention"
And then proceeded to say a ton of cute stuff in her announcement. I scribbled as much down as I could, but now I can't find the paper I scribbled it on. Oh well.

Lana and Kaya fell asleep on my bed, and Zoe was watching them and said,"shhhh the kids are sleeping". Which seemed really cute to me.

At the movie theater on Saturday, she kept pointing to the screen and asking, "is dat Tinkerbell?" about everything. The boy, the house, the balloon, the dog, the stair lift. She thought everything was Tinkerbell. That was moments before her total freak out session...

Last night at supper (we had tempeh meatballs and marinara over spaghetti), Zoe accidentally dropped a spaghetti noodle into her water. She asked me, "Mummy, can you get it out peese?" I couldn't see it in there, "There's nothing in there, honey". "Yes there is. I dwopped a spaghetti taco in there"
I guess we've been watching too much I carly!

Ah my Zoe. She is so high maintenance and sometimes I really feel like I'm pulling out my hair with her. But she has a good heart. She's incredibly intelligent and is frustrated in a 2 year old's body. I love the ways she changes up our days and adds so much to them. She's not an "easy" child, but I never asked for one.

Here's a pic of her
I love her so much


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Laura said...

I LOVE iCarly...a little too much.

Kathie said...

It must have been a week for losing tot talk "notes". I lost mine as well!

Your Zoe is very cute--despite the troubles she causes you. I bet she develops into a very smart, tenacious, confident adult. :-)

Michelle M. said...

How cute. I love the one about the kids sleeping :)

I am so far behind on reading blog. sorry! i will catch up now :)

septembermom said...

Zoe is a cutie! She'll keep you on your toes :) Love the Tinkerbell talk! We watch way too much ICarly here too. My daughter is always saying, "Random Dancing!"

Kinsleys4 said...

Love her - miss her.

Jenni Jiggety said...

What a beautiful picture!