Friday, September 18, 2009


It seems a lot of things are breaking recently. First our Internet connection went down. We had 2.5 days without the net. At first I was miserable and felt like someone was sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Pretty pathetic, huh? But by the time they came and fixed it last night, I had gotten kind of used to not having it, and I didn't really feel like I wanted it anymore. I abstained from going near the laptop until this morning, when I briefly opened it for a recipe and I answered one e-mail. I have a million others to go through...some time later.

It was nice, just being focused on life, on the kids and even the house, I guess. :) I think I need to put some restrictions on my online time, and spend more time in real life.

Then today the car brakes broke (something seems ironic about the phrase). I was pretty shaken up by it. Rene thinks it will be an easy fix. It was just me and the kids and no cell phone, I managed to crawl home but it was scary.

And my camera lens broke. My favorite one. I'm getting error 99. I've tried cleaning the contacts, but it's not helping. *sigh* Maybe one day I'll be able to get it fixed. Meanwhile, my photos won't be anywhere near as good, without my fav lens.

My laptop keyboard is broken. The x hardly works, I have to press it really hard.

A year ago from yesterday, I was fearing that my body was broken. That I wasn't capable of giving birth without being induced. That there was something wrong with me and I'd need pitocin every time and I should just surrender to that fact. Then a year ago today I learned to have more faith in my body. And I had the best, healing birth experience I could have dreamed of.

And today he turned one. This year went by in a flash. Faster than any other year ever has. Too fast. His babyhood has been a delight. He's been sweet, complacent, clever, funny, happy and wonderful. He's had his grumpy times too, but we're all entitled to our moments. I'm sad it's over so fast. But I'm also celebrating that he's made it to a year. I know the early months are always scary for me. So I'm praising God today, that he's alive and well, and celebrating his birthday with balloons and cake and park trips and presents and lot and lots of kisses.


Morgan said...

Happy Birthday! What a precious picture! :)

4 Lettre Words said...

What a precious little man...and great capture!

We just went through a big flood here where I live...and love, so I totally get it. :o) (xoxo!!)