Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tot Talk Tuesday

I was playing a riddle game with Kaya...

ME: Kids love to eat it. It rhymes with dandy.
KAYA: Spaghetti?

She's really not a fan of candy, but spaghetti is her favorite.

LANA: Mummy, did you know that gorillas fight with each other because they both want to be the alpha male?
ME: Yes I did know that. Do you know what alpha male means?
ME: It is the one who is in charge, the leader. The one who wins the fights is the strongest one, so they want him to be their leader to use his strength to lead them and protect them. Some humans want to be in charge at the same time too. In this country we vote for who we want to be our leader - our president.

I start trying to get all educational and teach her about democracies vs dictatorships but she interrupts.

LANA: Mummy, God is the alpha male.
ME: Wow. Yes Lana, he is.


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Michelle M. said...

I love it! We never give kids enough credit- they are so incredibly bright and intuitive.

lady mommy said...

You're children are so super intelligent! I do so love reading your posts when they come up with things like that.

septembermom said...

Such a smart one you have there! I love when they make those kind of connections:)

Kathie said...

What a great way to describe God!

MrsW said...

Alpha male? That is seriously clever application of learning using one's own example - and heck of a cute :)

MrsW said...

Well the pool is as fab as ever (you sometimes forget how fab something is when it's on your doorstep) but Noah's Ark is a bit worse for wear these days... mind you I remember taking my now 14 year old there back when it was brand spanking new so perhaps it's just nostalgia and the hideous price hikes that make me think twice about taking Paul!

Herb of Grace said...

So precious :) Don't you love how they're always learning, but not necessarily learning what YOU"RE trying to teach?? :D