Monday, December 15, 2008

cold and sick

It's cold outside in Nebraska. -3 today (-19 Celsius) with a wind chill of up to -25 (-31 Celsius). It's "I feel like my fingers will snap off" cold. It's "when I breath this air it's like my lungs fill up with death" cold.

And we're all sick. Yesterday it was just Rene, Kaya and I. Puking, fevers, chills, sinus issues, crying and praying it will just end. It's miserable. I was hoping it would be gone by now, these things usually only last 24 hours. But we're still miserable today. And I think Zoe and Lana are joining in today. Haven't puked yet but they're sleeping like crazy and not moving.

The house is a total mess, we were lying around yesterday while Zoe and Lana trashed the place. Banana peels everywhere. We just are not up to cleaning it yet. I hope that when we recover from this that will be it over and done with for this winter.

On a plus, it's expected to snow tomorrow. 90% chance. 2-4 inches. Surely they won't cheat us out of it this time.


Snobound said...

So sorry you're all sick. We'll pray that this bug ends soon. You're dad's sick again too, so we understand the misery. Love ya!

DJ said...

Once you have kids, being ill is ten times as inconvenient. Hope you guys all get better soon!

Camille said...

Hope you feel better soon. We had it a week ago. :(