Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Future Winter Sports Champion

First time we took Zoe out in the snow this year, she did not care for it at all. She was out for about 30 seconds and felt cold and miserable and wanted to come inside.

That was before we brought out the sled. A few days later I tried her on the sled, a little worried that she'd hate it. Kaya and Lana enjoy going down once or twice then are done and would rather make a snowman or a snow angel or something.

But Zoe is different. We discovered very quickly that she LOVES sledding and doesn't ever want to stop. I took her down multiple times, then had to come in, I was so cold. Zoe cried and cried and refused to take her coat etc off and said 'I go wee, I go wee!" so Kaya took her out until Kaya tired of it and was too cold. So I took her out again. She just couldn't get enough. She wanted to sled again and again and again. Her dad took her the next day too. She's a sledding maniac.

Here's how the routine went. I'd walk her up the hill (we have a perfect hill for it in our back yard) and she'd say "cay-ful mummy" all the way up (I slipped a few times).

At the top she'd say "weady? Yes! Wie down" as she got in. Then off she went.


And here she is crying and refusing to take off her coat because she wanted to go weeee more.


Snobound said...

Too funny! Poor girl.

Kinsleys3 said...

Too cute. I hope Madison likes sledding!

Sam said...

Of course, she loves it. She was born on Maine. Just wait until she rides a sled behind a team of huskies. If you think she hates to quit sledding now...........

Methinks Grandpa has a plan!

DJ said...

Aww!!! That last photo is both adorable and hilarious in equal parts!!! She looks like Christmas is ruined!!!!