Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's been cooking?

It's just not the time of year for eating healthy. I've made some terrible for you, delicious foods this week, to remind us of Scotland.

Deep fried potato fritters, served with loads of vinegar and some ketchup

And Sausage-less (fake sausage - disclaimer in there for my Step-mom's benefit ;-) ) rolls.

It was my first time making puff pastry. I made some mistakes but it still turned out pretty good, and puffed nicely. I'll do better next time, I'll beat the butter more. It was reasonably easy though, just takes patience and making sure to keep the dough and butter chilled. Rest and refidgerate often. I kept an icepack on the work top and kept the rolling pin in the freezer while the dough chilled.

Here they are cooking in the oven. Turned out really yum.

Some vegetarian grape jello. 1 quart grape juice and 4 tbs agar agar (seaweed based gelatin alternative) . The texture is not quite the same as jello, more like half way between pudding and jello. I think it's better than jello. Zoe and Lana scoffed it, and scoffed seconds too.

So then I had left over puff pastry, but no fruit left in the house. So I thought I'd make a sticky toffee pastry. I couldn't find a recipe so I made one up.

I melted butter and brown sugar, then added about 1/2 tsp agar agar to thicken. I boiled some dates (I'm thinking figs would work too) and drained most of the liquid. I added some flour and a spoon of the syrup stuff from the other pot to the dates and made a paste then added it to the syrup. Simmered then left to cool.

I pasted the edges of the pastry with beaten egg and folded up the edges to make crusts, then poured the syrup stuff in, then I made lattice shaped with pastry strips. Oven at 400 F for 12 minutes.

Oh my gosh! This was the most yummy thing I've eaten in a while (If I do say so myself)

I served with some ready whip, but I'm thinking real whipped cream or pouring cream or even hot devon custard would work better

Here's Rene saying "Get in my belly" - Especially for Matt and Christa ;-)


Snobound said...

I'm guessing "scoffed" is a scottish word that means to eat it all up?? In the US we say "scarfed". Here "scoffed" means to make fun of something or to mock it - not eat it. Just trying to clarify....sorry.

And the fake sausage thing...that was just wrong! :^)

Niecey said...

Yes I realize to scoff at something is showing dislike, but yes in Scotland if you scoff something you gobble it up, just like you'd say scarf here. Maybe we should make it a word of the week :)

Rene said...

If you ask me, scoffing is the action associated directly to "get in my belly".

And the food was indeed good.....

the only real difference I noticed with the sausage what it was more healthy, I guess, than the traditional version. So in a certain sense, the notion of "heart-attack on a plate" Scottish food being made healthier could been seen as "wrong". We all have a daily cholesterol intake to meet.......

Kinsleys3 said...

Tell Rene that Matt and Christa are laughing hysterically at the notion. ;-)

Kinsleys3 said...

The homemade recipe/pastry looks and sounds DELICIOUS btw.