Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry the pic is so bad, I find it hard to use the laptop mousepad thingy.

I love the way my kids pronounce some things.

Kaya calls the library, "lie-va-berry"

Lana says thank you, "flank you"

Zoe has loads, my favorites being:

Glenn - "Genn"
sleepy - "feepeet"
drop it - "doo wop it"

My least favorite is the way she says thank you, the th sounds like an f, the a sounds more like uh and she leaves out the n!

Glenn mispronounces everything:
I want milk - "waaaahhhhhh"
I'm tired and want a cuddle - "waaaaaah"
I love you so much - silence with a big smile


Snobound said...

Sounds like there may be some speech therapy in the kids' future....

Rene said...

see, this proves my kids are the cutest and that Im not biased.


Niecey said...

hehe nah they're doing plenty fine for 6 and 4 years old. And Zoe is quite advanced really. Heck Rene still mispronounces more than Kaya and Lana do. They don't need speech therapy. Kids always have something like "hecalopter" or "bisgetti" etc.

myrmom said...

I can't get over how Big Glen is already!! So adorable! The girls are so sweet....